1. Christine Miner says:

    Just discovering your channel….going back in your video archives. Really learning…..bought your recipe book……still a meat eater but with strong vegan tendencies. Over 50 and watching my carbs due to body changes……any suggestions to lower carb approach/vegan receipes? Ps. I think this is the best video with crystal…..she is confident and relaxed. You actually complimented her in this one…..which I love to see.

  2. . says:

    If you blend the lentils into flour before cooking them, and mix them with the oat flour, can this turn into fluffy bread instead of a dense loaf?

  3. Dopey says:

    What kinda faggot rips the sleeves off a Christmas sweater? That's a bit much don't ya think? Like you just saw the sweater at the store and was like "yeah I'mma rip the sleeves off this bitch and wear it for my new video".

  4. Mud Sock Girl says:

    Yum! I am def making the apples with dinner tonight. Having a Pot of brown and black beans with Spanish rice, homemade Pico, maybe some broccoli (or something else green) and corn.😊 Thanks Crystal for the baked apple recipe.

  5. Andy Banks says:

    The nut roast looked a bit dodgy, but I gave it a try anyway since I'm an experimental little potato. Was not expecting to be blown away! And there was plenty enough for me, my gf and our kids. 10/10 😋

  6. Emanuel Goldstein says:

    I just tried the lentil loaf. Great flavor! The only thing I would change, would be, to mix all the wet ingredients in a separate bowl. It is easier to incorporate the tomato paste. Keep up the kick ass content. Cheers from Texas!

  7. Mary McAndrew says:

    I made all of this for our Xmas dinner, my husband has been ill so we didn't feel up to making a huge meal so I made this on Boxing Day. It was good for my first lentil loaf try, but mine was a bit too soft, even when cool. Can you suggest what I may have done wrong? Maybe my lentils were too wet? And the apple crisp I found a bit hard to eat the oats, they were too hard. I sprinkled water and lemon juice over the whole top and covered with cling film over night, it all softened up great. I love your idea of making the date paste for the apples Crystal! I've been eating the whole darn thing myself! Thanks guys!

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