36 thoughts on “Turkish Knafeh Recipe – Shredded Phyllo Dessert with Walnuts

  1. Ali Akdere says:

    Traditional turkish dessert? Bullshit. In 1970's kunafah was cooked by only Arabic cooks in Antakya (Antioch) and it was introduced by them to those who learnt it from them. You may fool youngsters but not olders. Do not bullshit.

  2. Deniz Star says:

    stupid human this is not kunefe this is cevizli kadayif and kunefe is made with tongue cheese and I also watching some video and still stupid human made it kunefe using mozarila cheese can not use it mozarila cheese in with kunefe only use tongue cheese and also I hate others country people say my country dessert I am not accept this kunefe is orjinal is my country specily city of antep urfa and hatay my uncle made it 60 years before hes only use it tongue cheese

  3. Alma Marques says:

    Combative bunch ugh 😕 Gawdddddd. Always fighting over where it was made and who made it first. …Give it a rest people, and just be thankful she's showing Y'all another version. …Nothing is set in stone 🙄

  4. Joe Serrano says:

    Ymmm….and to think substituting the shredded phyllo dough with shredded wheat cereal in the States made this dessert really yummy, bet the true recipe for knafeh is better than the one with the shredded wheat biscuits! Uprated, thanks for sharin' and greetings from Mexico! 🙂

  5. Teta Tilly says:

    This IS KNAFE ( kunefe ) as it is done in  Syria but they use pistachios   and it is thickker  or rolled up But in Lattakia Syria  they make it with white cheese(knafe bil jubneh )It is a sea town  not far from Turkey  

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