38 thoughts on “Toasted Ravioli Recipe- I LOVE this appetizer!

  1. patmo131 says:

    Remember to tell your viewers that only meat ravioli is authentic toasted ravioli. Cheese ravioli doesn't exist in St. Louis, where they were invented, mainly because it's awful.

  2. NoName No says:

    DON'T blend it! Mine turned orange after blending, and the flavor totally changed. Texture is now like baby food, and it tastes like canned nastiness now. It was so yummy before blending!! 🙁

  3. imsmutsbutt2 says:

    Looks good, I also watched another video, that person double bread the ravioli, used the Italian seasoned breadcrumbs & made a simple marinara sauce, using tomato paste, water & spices

  4. N2itive1 says:

    i just made them they are delicious omgggg i used italian seasoning, garlic powder, ms dash, and oregano to mix with my bread crumbs…and just some traditional prego sauce it was perfect…thank a lot

  5. Sadochrist says:

    That looks great. The only thing about this that I didn't like was that you used frozen ravioli instead of something that you made yourself. I know that ravioli is one of the most irritating things to make but it is a lot nicer to make your own.

  6. Penny Barry says:

    I made this for New Years Eve.  Wonderful!  This was everyones favorite appetizer.  I fried them.  Thank you for the recipe and great recipes.  I love the cake pop recipe you posted.  I make great pops every time because of your very easy to follow instructions.

  7. LittleDogTurds says:

    One of the greatest foods ever. EVER. Thanks for sharing…so much cheaper and easier (and tasty!) to make (like most things) than the stuff they sell in the frozen food aisle.

  8. WickedestVoodoo says:

    @fattyheroes fantastic story about your grandfather. There is some contention for that title. While I know the vegetarian and even dessert varieties do exist most of our fellow St. Louisans would argue in favor of meat. We may not all have famous grandfathers but we do know what makes a good toasted ravioli.

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