36 thoughts on “Thai Pork Toast Recipe ขนมปังหน้าหมู – Hot Thai Kitchen!

  1. isphlong1 says:

    Hello Pailin, love your videos! I tried the pork toast and noticed that after a while, it gets a little soggy not as crunchy when first served. Is there anyway I can do to make the crunchiness last, like prepare the toast in a different way? I have a party coming up! Thank you and appreciate any suggestions.

  2. Liz Homan says:

    I get excited when there's a new video! Love this recipe! I will have to try it! I have upcoming birthday parties, wondering if I can freeze these already baked or from the raw stage?

  3. Jim Romano says:

    Yum! I really enjoy that many of your dishes are baked instead of the more common fried versions. We all love fried but baked is healthier and offers a more delicate flavor without the grease. Healthy and delicious–kop koon krap!

  4. Haewonniee says:

    I bought the cookbook! Arrived at my house last week. Been reading it everyday, I love the way you explained everything and it has really helps me to gain a much better insight of Thai cuisine. Love it and love you too!!
    P.S I have made a couple of your recipes and they tasted amazing!! Can't wait to try more recipe <3

  5. Flown87 says:

    Saw them in a cookbook I've bought in Bangkok, but your recipe is so much better, because it doesn't have to be deep fried. This is so awesome, thank you!

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