31 thoughts on “Smoked Half Chicken | Recipe for BBQ Chicken Halves on the Big Green Egg

  1. The Big Fellar says:

    A chef can never listen to others, he aspires to crush everyone in white, nice video I wonder though, it's getting to the extreme now , 20.00 for a little bitty bottle of what Mrs. dash, #3 spices sell for $$$$$$$ , I just don't see it lasting , mentally crippled people are every where on the net, but 100.00 for a 12oz jar? I just don't care about my steak that much,ya know .

  2. Robert Blair says:

    Would brining the chicken before for 4 hours and adding a water bowl in the smoker for a big green egg be recommended to keep the chicken moist or is that overkill?

  3. Theodore Friedman says:

    this worked beautifully for me. I used a small master built electric smoker with apple wood. Great recipe. I found a rub recipe that uses some ground espresso beans in it for chicken on Epicurious. Sounded weird but worked great. I made my own BBQ sauce from a basic recipe and added about a cup of some really juicy cherries we had around. I made it for house guests from Georgia and they were impressed. These are the best instructional videos. Thanks.

  4. Gwen Weaver says:

    (Doug Weaver)  I just put two chicken halves on my electric Masterbuilt Smoker.  This video had me salivating.  I can't wait until they are done.  Love your videos.

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