44 thoughts on “Slow Cooker Kalua Pork Recipe! What’s for Dinner? Noreen’s Kitchen!

  1. The Domestic Desi says:

    Noreen, I'm ashamed to say that this looked SOOOOO good, that my pregnant butt went to the store at midnight last night, bought all the stuff, came home and prepared it in my slow cooker with the foil etc like you did, and we are going to eat this tonight! The only thing I did was use Himalayan pink sea salt, instead of the salt you had because I didn't have time to order it from Amazon. Also, I added a bit of garlic. I know it's not traditional, but I just adore garlic. Can I tell you? It was to DIE for. And that's coming from a girl who doesn't eat pork really aside from this and bacon. My family loved it. We ate it with hot buttered Jasmine rice, and some green beans. Thank you sooooo much for satisfying a pregnant woman's craving, and making my family happy all at the same time. I adore you!

  2. CMpapa says:

    Thank you for posting this. My mom made this for me as kids and now I'm looking to make it for my own children. I'm also a BIG fan of Amazon Prime for getting spices and such that can't easily be found around my area.

  3. fattymoko says:

    Hi Noreen and nanigrlz! Aloha from Oahu too! Nani, don't you just love how Noreen is so versatile with her recipes? The locals make it like this when we are ono (hungry) for it and can't always get to a whole roasted pig. Aside from covering it with the ti leaves which are readily available and add some great flavor, this is exactly how we locals make it. Love your videos, Noreen!

  4. Noreen's Kitchen says:

    Not totally against foil. I don't use it when I am cooking things that are going to be corrosive or break the foil down, like a tomato based recipe. I use foil however there isn't really a great substitute for it. You simply have to pick and choose what you are going to do. Tomato or acid based recipes are going to break down the foil. This one is not going to do that.

  5. Annette Rose says:

    i can cubes of pork shoulder with a kalua pig seasoning my parent brought me from hawaii, it tastes wonderful shreds right out of the jar 🙂 i also do it your way minus the bananas with fried rice for dinner, oh and of course sweet rolls. keep the great vids coming!

  6. RedBerry at Homestead Hopes says:

    OMG this I know is delicious. As you pulled back the foil & said this smells delicious~I literally said OMG it does. LOL Then I realized I could not smell it silly.
    I do just a Cajun Pork Shoulder in my crockpot (since I am Cajun-LOL) & my oldest son (who is 29) will always request it. Will have to try this one.

  7. ataylorai1 says:

    This is NOT my channel and I hope Noreen does not mind that I rely to your comment but you could use a baking hen, which is a very large chicken that was older when slaughtered or even better would be a large turkey breast or whole turkey. The dark meat of the turkey (thigh, wing or leg) would be the closest to what pork would taste like. Love the fact that she figured out to use whole bananas which I never thought of.

  8. monkeeblue says:

    You can do slow cooked beef and shred it… I can't put the actual link here but …. budgetbytes DOT blogspot DOT com has a recipe for the slowcooker for shredded beef that is very easy and tasty.

  9. SandyzSerious says:

    Alastair – I disagree with you. He holds the camera perfect. The downward angle shows everything that Noreen is putting in the bowl or exactly what she is doing with her hands. Excellent coverage in my opinion.

  10. winane says:

    That looks yummy! All we need is some poi and lomi lomi salmon! Chicken long rice too!
    Thanks! I understand the bananas but the taste with the ti leaves is awesome.

  11. Miss Amanda says:

    I just purchased the same salt on Amazon in March! Amazon has opened a new door in being able to pick up unique food items… I love it! I love using the different salts available… experimenting and trying the new flavors. Have you tried the black salt yet? I purchased some f it as well. Love the videos!

  12. CalledMommy says:

    i also don't like bananas too ripe,but when bananas get like that the darker patches it has the higher will be its immunity enhancement quality;also better the anti-cancer quality. they are also 8x more effective in enhancing the property of white blood cells

  13. Terri Wonder says:

    When my Banana start turning like that I freeze them peel and all. The peels do turn dark all the way but they are great to take out of the freezer and time to use to make banana breads or other items. Just thaw peel and smash.

  14. sha whit says:

    WOW! Looks scrumptious. You did such a fine job as usual. You ae the best. Good to know you can freeze this, I live alone. Can you say Kalua pork forever!?! I like the banana idea as I don't have an Asian market around here. I have to get me some red salt and its a go. Can't wait to try this. Thanks.

  15. Nennyjls2009 says:

    I don't eat pork but I love the idea of slow roasted meat and shredding it, what other meat would you recommend to work with this recipe if any at all. Or what changes to this could I do for it to work with beef or poultry? thanks for the tips!!

  16. ChickenStamps says:

    Banana leaves are easily found in the freezer of Asian markets everywhere I've been. Hawaiian red salt is pronounced ah-lie. We score the surface of the meat before rubbing in the salt and liquid smoke…from a Hawaiian cook with a busy plate lunch business.

  17. spankie says:

    that looked real good…i never heard of using the bananas..it really makes me miss home….when we eat it we get a big plate of white sticky rice..cooked cabbage…an a big helping of the pig …dang im hungry now

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