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34 thoughts on “Retro Appetizers ~ New Year's Eve Appetizers ~ Retro Recipe ~ Noreen's Kitchen

  1. Lori Grady says:

    My Mom used to make the pinwheels too !! I loved them. She would make hers with connecting the dried beef with a dab of softened butter. That made it easier to roll it up. try it !!

  2. Rae Boyd says:

    thankyou noreen for doing these retro recipes! party rounds bring back such wonderful memories of when my parent had card club and the 4 families always entertained! and it just wouldnt be Christmas without something made with chopped beef and cream cheese! God bless you and your family this 2018 holiday season!

  3. Gail Peczkis says:

    Hi Noreen you can use the mayo/parmesan cheese mixture and stuff it into a mushrooms and broil like the bread version. My Mom made yours as well as the mushroom one. They are both so delicious.

  4. Cris Sickeri says:

    I’ve had a jar of dried beef in my cupboard for a few months now. I had bought it for a recipe and never made it. And now in can’t remember what the recipe was lol. So, now I get to try this. I was born in the late 60’s and for as long as I can remember stuffed celery has always been a holiday staple. We stuff ours with peanut butter, plain cream cheese, and cream cheese with olives. Tfs always enjoy your cooking videos. Happy New Year to you and your family!

  5. Maureen Russell says:

    I spent every New Years Eve of my childhood with my Grandmother and she would make it so special for us kids! One of my favorite appetizers was the dried beef and cream cheese roll ups. I thought it was so fancy and so delicious. It was awesome seeing you make it Noreen. Thanks for bringing back such a special memory for me.

  6. Evelyn Hayward says:

    I wanted to tell you that I made the "retro" cheese ball for 2 different Christmas parties. They were the first appetizers to be eaten. I used to eat them when I was younger but forgot about them. They were a great hit. Thanks.

  7. julee nave says:

    My momma always made a cheese ball out of cream cheese and the dried beef and green onions with a dash of Worcestershire sauce. So delicious! These look amazing!

  8. TennesseeGirl says:

    Happy New Year to you and your family. May God Bless you all with a wonderful blessed year. I do have a question for you, as I very much respect your cooking videos. I need to know what is the best pure vanilla extract you would recommend? I want to buy in a large bottle, and of course the best quality for the best reasonable price. I would be so grateful if you could share this info with me. Thank you so very much, I am sure you get asked these types of questions, and I truly respect your input.

  9. Tiffany Campbell says:

    Yummy! I make a similar dried beef appetizer. Take 1 slice of db, spread cream cheese on, place 2 or 3 sprigs of green onions and roll up around the onion sort of like a taco. So cute and everyone loves it. I'm totally gonna try yours too now!

  10. Trayceg says:

    The dried beef app Ive had my grandmother used the same beef you did but spread it on each slice then rolled them individually with a tooth pick in each…more work for sure but i do remember them fondly and the little toasts as well with mayo and parm and some other things she threw in there lol …Great nostalgic video…Happy New Year to your family from mine!!

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