29 thoughts on “Potato Soup Recipe To Die For and Fancy Grilled Cheese

  1. Connie Miller says:

    I love your take on potato 🥔 soup 🥣 yummers!
    For those beginner cooks: you can start a lot of different soups just by doing a basic potato soup, then adding chicken, or jimmy dean sausage, a pasta, broccoli, cheddar, just as Priscilla did with bacon and her choice of veggies and cheese. Just think, what do I want to add to onion & potatoes….then run with it

  2. Miara Miles says:

    I always add garlic salt on the side of grilled cheese that has the mayo or butter on it! Ya should try that sometime. I had a friend tell me about it. So good. Where can we find this pepper jelly at? I love watching your food channel.

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