22 thoughts on “Oven "Grilled" Parsnips Recipe — Roasted Parsnips Appetizer and Side Dish

  1. username says:

    I'm actually on a very specific diet and parsnips are among the few things i can actually eat. I love your recipes and cooked a few of them but for health/diet reasons i can't eat most of the ingredients you use so i was extra thrilled when i found this video because parsnips are among the few things i can eat. Up until recently i never even had parsnips (they're not that popular where i live) but they're brilliant. A nice combination is to add one or two parsnips to a sweet potato mash. Lifts the sweet potatoes to a whole new level. Thanks Chef John

  2. Discord20 says:

    My dad used to roast parsnips in the drippings of a roast chicken or shoulder of beef. You just turn them over in the fat as it renders out of the meat, and let it roast there.So delicious. A really underrated vegetable.

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