34 thoughts on “No Pork Recipe: Prawn Noodles – Soup & Dry 虾面汤,虾面干

  1. Black Ginger says:

    Thanks fr the recipe chef🙏
    Thanks fr the tips too🙏
    Don’t worry Chef,in all ur video have pork,but i change it into chicken,(my mum say so,hehejaja👍)
    This broth same like ur recipe Hokkien Prawn Noodle but this ones more yummy🤤yummy🤤because this ones is rich prawn soup type..
    Views don’t just looking at it,Must Try It👍
    Don’t worry this Chef his recipe not lying guys🙏👍
    So I’ve try two Prawn Broth,both yummy👍

  2. Annie Low says:

    Roland, there is a cuttle fish look-alike that is used to make the tastiest soup you ever tasted. Chinese call it Tiew Phien. All you need is about 5 or 6 boiled like ikan bilis. Have you heard of it?

  3. odelia wong en en says:

    just wanted to drop a comment that i have been learning how to cook from your channel and so far the recipe has been great!!! Of course, I changed a little here and there but I love how your videos are so clear!

  4. defunct32 says:

    Appreciate your sentiment in introducing a pork free version! May I know where did you purchased that canister thingy to store the spices and are all these spices easily found in NTUC? 😀 Thanks.

  5. Kasha Lin says:

    Been looking for halal-friendly prawn noodles recipe, so so glad i chanced upon your video!!! Will def try this out for Hari Raya guests coming over 😉 thank you so much!

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