32 thoughts on “Leftover Rotisserie Chicken Recipes! 4 Meals From One Chicken!

  1. levimissy11 says:

    I would like to read and article or watch a video on Jill's money saving on food thourgh portion control, what she did when raising kids and adult portion and nutrients because she has studied it and is knowledgeable on this.

  2. Pink Orchid says:

    I always refer back to this video whenever I made a roast chicken. Your recipe is the best! I love your homemade spice, it beats any already made or other concoction I can come up with. Thanks so much!

  3. Cleo Taylor says:

    We don't eat chicken in our household because of allergies, but we do eat rabbit. Out of 1- 2.5 lb rabbit I make 3 sometimes 4 meals. #1 rabbit nuggets, #2 rabbit dumplings, #3 rabbit rice, #4 rabbit gravy and biscuits.

  4. Coppertop says:

    There isn't any In-n-Out burgers in Mississippi. They are in California, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Texas and Utah. Since nothing comes from their distribution centers frozen – they are limited to supplying stores within a 1-day drive from a distribution center.. there's only 3 distribution centers to fullfill 300 stores. Currently there is a distribution center being built in Colorado Springs and expansion in to CO due for completion by 2021.

  5. Kyu Tee Lee says:

    Some may need a lock for their refrigerator to keep someone from eating items out of the refrigerator to have it for the next day. I will not mention who does that in our home. Lol

  6. Kyu Tee Lee says:

    A chicken wing is about 1oz of chicken meat. So those who want easier portion control 3 chicken wings is about 3 oz of chicken meat. I am in the country called the Netherlands and finding whole chickens is rare and very expensive if in USD it would be $10 to $15 for a whole chicken. I find chicken wings on sale and learned that 3 to 4 wings are considered one portion that equals 2.8 oz to 3 oz for 3 wings and 3.5 to 4 oz for 4 wings. So I buy all the wings I can when it is on sale. I tend to bake them on the next day with homemade bbq sauce, ranch dressing, blue cheese dressing, korean bbq sauce usually used to make bullgogi, italian cream dressing, mustard and honey sauce or plain with added boullion. When I make a batch I put a meal serving in a freezer bag with some sauce and freeze. So when we want a particular flavor it is easy to thaw and warm to serve. I serve it with a salad and with either a rice or potato dish.

  7. Theresa Scroggins says:

    I try to get the biggest chicken I can get, for the most leftover yield. I am also able to find whole chickens for .99 cents a pound. And you guys have made me more conscious of portions.👍🏻

  8. musicmad says:

    $5 for a cooked chicken?? wow – here in NZ the minimum is $15 for a cooked chicken and it goes up from there – i think thats around $10US – its cheaper for me to get a 5kg bag of frozen chicken thighs and cook those as needed – even a raw chicken is around NZ$18 for a happy chicken or if i want a drug fueled kept in the dark chook its starts at NZ$10 per whole raw chook – i guess size of the country that you live in really does effect the cost of living – such a shame

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