23 thoughts on “Learn How to Make Mama's Braised Tender Beef Tips and Gravy, CVC Southern

  1. Danette2277 says:

    Even under the weather your food looks amazing!! I hope you are feeling better now!! Thank You for caring enough about us to teach even though you weren't feeling will. I, for one REALLY appreciate it!! 😊😊😊 ❤❤❤

  2. Sheryl Adams says:

    A tip…..when peeling garlic, lay the cloves on the counter under a chef or heavy knife, hit it with your hand and it will crush the cloves. Peeling will fall right off. Can do multiple cloves at one time. Since I found out this tip I will only do it that way. Sooo easy! 🙂 Am making this recipe for supper! Yum!!

  3. jimmy solomon says:

    Luv that pan. Funny I live in South Texas. Here in the Hispanic population they call Carne Gusada only difference is they add onion Bell pepper garlic and some tomato cooked the same with chili powder, comino, salt, pepper, little garlic powder. Simmer forever serve over Mexican rice. If you like spice you can use Rotel instead of plain tomatoes. Your dish looks awesome.

  4. Wendy O'dell says:

    Looks yummy. I think I'll try this recipe. My dad loves beef tips and gravy. Thanks for sharing ☺
    Don't ya just love your Cutco and cutting boards. I have next to the biggest set and 3 boards. Plus the ice scoop, cheese knife, shears, pie spatula, speader spatula (my fav) and the fishing knife gizmo thing. I also have 2 extra of the knife that is the next size above the paring knife. I use that one for everything (my other fav). I've had mine for a little over 20 years. Wouldn't trade them for the world. My kids are going to fight over them when I'm gone. Lol
    Have a great week and God
    bless ❤ XOXO

  5. Georgia Peach314 says:

    You have me drooling again! Got you in my prayers Honeybee! God love ya, we could just see how bad you felt and still in there cooking Lord only knows how many meals! Please get some rest Miss Chick a dee! We all love ya so much! 🤗💖💞

  6. Willa Johnson says:

    That really looks good..watching you I can tell I don't put enough seasoning on meat. Thawing pork chops right now to make a recipe someone sent to…
    Shotgun red cooking channel. Check it out
    Very unusual made with layers of beans and stoptop stuffing.
    Will try this with a roast I need to thaw and cook
    I could see you were
    sick and feeling tired
    hot pan..you never make that mistake and garlic skin..aka hair. A good cook even when you feel bad. Get rested up got things to do 😁❤❤

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