43 thoughts on “Lasagna Soup Recipe

  1. janet says:

    Why aren't the people watching this bothering to thumbs up the video? Looks delicious and you get a show to boot. Very nice voice and cute as a button.

  2. Ramona Ramona says:

    Why in the world does this guy not have his own television show! He is a heck of a lot better than most of the cooking host that they have right now! Hey son, how about contacting a cable network show and pitch them your father and his Oh yeah baby peppers.🌶

  3. Deborah Jiggens says:

    Where I worked as a host in the 80’s, I had such great lasagna soup before I even knew it was a thing❤️ I never forgot, because it was so good . Now I can make it thanks to you 🍷

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