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    Hey I love your vid, the food looks great. Is there a way I can work out how much I need to eat per meal (e.g., how many grams of carbs, protein) and any foods I should be having more of or less of? I am sick of eating meat, it makes me feel sick and heavy when I am at the gym and I am not getting any gains. Totally agree with the health benefits (I am an clinical ex physiology student), and the science shows a clear link between heart disease and certain GIT cancers and a diet highly composed of meat.

  2. Trap 9 says:

    Vegans don’t get over 15 nutrients. Vegans can hardly get any minerals because of the overload of antinutrients lol. Wtf. Stop promoting this garbage diet.
    Vegans age faster. Vegans have higher risks of cancer than raw meat eaters.
    All vegans have been brainwashed by the government. Wake up vegans or just keep killing yourself….natural selection I guess (;

  3. Will Mosse says:

    So what do you think about the claim that you need 1g protein per lb of body weight? I am fairly new to lifting and am trying to lose weight as I am at over 30% body fat, weighing in at 115kg/250lb. If I try and hit 200g protein per day with this kind of meal (let alone 250g) I would eat five of those meals, meaning 875g of carbohydrate, meaning 3,500kcal of carb alone. Plus another 800kcal from the protein, and some extra from fats and whatnot, and I am looking at at least 4,500 kcal per day. Given that to lose weight at a decent pace I need to be looking to consume in the 2,000kcal range, it looks to me like this kind of eating will mean I am taking on more than twice the calories I should be. This is bulking level calories for sure, not cutting. So what gives? Are you saying that the 1g protein per lb body weight is waaay off, and half that would be okay?

  4. Simple Soup says:

    The aluminum pot is toxic. Especially if you cook acidic foods like tomatoes. And 40grams of protein means I would have to eat 4-5 of those a day.. which doesnt seem possible for me unless I want to be bloated. How much glucosamine is in those veggies?

  5. IthuDamnIt says:

    First time at your youtube-channel. Really enjoyed it!
    Had to pause at the end… that's Patrik Baboumian! Living proof that vegans can lift heavy shit =)

  6. Deke Games says:

    ive never really been one for eating much fruit and vegetables and ive been vegan now for 1 month because i was fed up eating the same thing all the time mainly chicken and beef so thought id give vegan a try and its probably the best thing ive ever tried dont think ive had the same thing twice in a a week since

  7. Brute Pekeberg says:

    Unless you grow all that yourself or source from a farmer, these vegatables are as dead as the chicken you mention. Industrial sourced shopping mall vegetables have 20-50 times less of vitamins than homegrown, which is essentially none – plastic

  8. Charlie C-K says:

    I know for a fact that 40 grams of protein and 175 grams of carbs in a single meal wouldn't work for me. I'd have to sub tofu for the quinoa and adzuki beans. However I am nowhere near as big as you and likely never will be.

  9. The Pale Man says:

    Im deep in my second competitive bulk and noticed how much better I felt on my cut when my plant sources was high. Its time to take the step forward to vegan. Balancing a spiritual lifestyle with your typical bodybuilding diet is f$@king my head big time.

  10. lv2mine says:

    Love the video thank you so much I was looking for ways to take in higher protein with the vegan menu and appreciate you appreciate this video thank you

  11. makslyna1 says:

    my husband is a carnivore bodybuilder.. i have been trying to lean him on a more plant based diet. Your videos are great and he can hopefully be motivated to try this new lifestyle! i am also a vegan whos beginning my bodybuilding journey. much love to you, great to see people like you out there.

    much love!!

  12. zhi chuan Lim says:

    Great job sir! I am also currently trying to build muscles just to prove people around me that vegan can be strong and buffy too. You are a great inspiration to me. Although I tried a lot and not able to have good result but I will keep on trying. Go Vegan for the sake of the animals!

  13. herbsabeast1 says:

    You said that is around 40 grams of protein. For my current body mass I would need to eat that giant meal 4 times in 1 day which might not have enough fatty acids and too much carbs. Vegetables go through your digestive system at least 50% faster. I have gone vegan for a few weeks. What I can tell you is the only gains I got were trips to the bathroom. I do understand that at the beginning you sh&t more, however if you compare that to someone who eats meat they don't go to the bathroom as much. On the second week of being vegan you might poop 2 times a day if your lucky. If I was on a meat based diet 1 time a day is plenty.

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