35 thoughts on “HOW TO MAKE BEEF WITH BROCCOLI – Chinese Style – Fast & Easy Recipe

  1. Anastacio O'Campo says:

    Mingskitchen. best video.You go right to the recipe, i'm going to try it looks good, so there was a sponge in the sink, well to all the ones that worry about it, I 'll suggest just don't leave a sponge in the sink simple Problem solved. And thank you so much for your recipe.love it.

  2. Christina Marie says:

    So good!!! Also people swear the sponge Isn’t even touching the broccoli 🥦 who ever complained about that lol. Aren’t we using our phones or lap tops which are high in germs even after we disinfect it…lol 🤭🤔😂 besides that the food look delicious thank you!!!!

  3. Dennis B. says:

    Thank you for this video. I have broccoli ready in the garden so i'm going to make this . At the 3 min. did you say 1 tbs corn starch and ? 1 ts ? or 1 tbs water thanks !

  4. AJ Camerota says:

    Not that flavorful. Will marinate beef for several hours next time. Add more oyster sauce. Will also try to enhance umami with miso or an alternative. Restaurants add a lot of MSG. Thank you for the video.

  5. TCatz Meow says:

    I just made it and and came out great. I added onions when I cooked the meat finely chopped. Then I removed the meat and cooked Broccolli and mushrooms (cooked real fast in a hot wok with a bit of oil…added back the meat and added the sauce mixure.

  6. Liteup X says:

    OK, by no means am I a good cook. I followed Mings directions and this turned out great. I used more flank steak and broccoli than Ming did, so I used more oyster sauce and soy sauce to make up the difference. This tasted great. Next I'm going to try Mings Egg Rolls. Thank you Ming, you made me feel like I can actually cook LOL. Hope to see you post more videos in the future!

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