39 thoughts on “How to make a Vietnamese Che Thai Dessert recipe – Asian Fruit Cocktail

  1. R H says:

    What is the little green bottle? How come it is there but you do not use it? Also I was wondering if this can be colored pink? I think I had this before but it was pink but am wondering if that is something else?

  2. emily p says:

    I like it better with Half & Half rather than coconut milk. Besides it will keep longer in the fridge with Half & Half . The desert will still taste good the following day unlike if you were to use coconut milk. Don't knock it til' you've tried it…..lol. 🙂

  3. emily p says:

    To make the Faux Pomegranites :

    Cut the water chestnuts into smaller pieces.
    Add a few  drops of food coloring and mix.
    Add tapioca starch enough to completely cover the water chestnuts.
    Place the water chestnuts in a colander to shake off any excess flour.
    Add water to a pot and turn the heat to high.
    Bring the water to a boil then add the water chestnuts.
    Once the water chestnuts have been added let the water come back to a boil once again.
    Then lower the heat slightly and cook the water chestnuts for about 3 minutes.
    Remove from the pot and strain. 
    Set it aside to cool.

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