25 thoughts on “Healthy Breakfast Muesli | #10HealthyMeals | Anna Jones

  1. Little Panda Chef says:

    Sorry, but this absolutely is NOT Bircher Müesli… and if you are going to call it that, at least find out how to pronounce it properly first. I make Bircher Müesli semi-regularly with no added sugar, it's really not needed as all the sweetness comes from the fruit. I really don't understand why you would put maple syrup or vanilla essence in this?

  2. Graeme Bauer says:

    "Massive protein boost."

    Chia seeds have roughly 16g protein per 100g. A tablespoon of them as in this recipe would be roughly 2g of protein. Hardly what I'd call massive.

    You'd be much better starting your day off with an omelette. Now that would be a massive protein boost.

  3. big potato says:

    I eat it with chestnuts and chocolate and milk and its so good


    it gives me a lot of gases and i fart a lot in class and THANK GOD all of them are silent and without a smell

  4. Dean Spencer says:

    Yes I do like your breakfast. .I'm very into healthy breakfast to..yesterday had oats pumpkin seed chopped Brazil nuts..and mixed berrys from my allotment. .with soya milk and a good drizzle of maple syrap. .
    Today had mixed mousele..can't will spell it ! With pumpkin seeds chopped almonds rhubarb chopped coconut raisins and a good drizzle of maple syrap. .delicious!

  5. Ethan Baker says:

    What I have everyday for breaky is my own museli. Soak oats, chia seeds and flaxseeds in fresh homemade sugarless watermelon juice overnight, then in the morning add yoghurt grated apple and mango.

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