24 thoughts on “Gullac Recipe – Turkish Ramadan Dessert

  1. Larry Litmanen says:

    I saw this in a Turkish bakery today for the first time and ordered it. I liked it, very simple and not overly sweet. They just had sliced almonds inside and pistachios and pomegranate on top.

  2. Karen Kül says:

    Could you please make a video on how to make Yufka/Phyllo Sheet from scratch? I'm living in Thailand and it's difficult to look for halal yufka here 🙁 Thanks in advance!

  3. Zandra Jabir says:

    Lol at the sad face you put on the spilt milk. Too cute!

    Can you make a video on the turkish rolls that they twist and tie together, then sprinkle the black seeds on top?

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