24 thoughts on “Grilled Country Style Pork Ribs recipe by SAM THE COOKING GUY

  1. Tony O says:

    Not a rib at all, on kind comes from the but / shoulder end, will have a Y blade bone in them, the other one comes from the Loin end after the first 12 ribs have been cut out, you have a piece of meat left, split it into 2 pieces… viola… 2 country style ribs. The other end is just basically a pork steak, / Boston but slices…

  2. Jim M says:

    country ribs are nothing but cut up pork butt/shoulder. One of the cheapest cuts of pork. I live in Florida and pork butts were recently on sale at Winn Dixie for 99 cents a pound. I bought a 12lb roast for $12. lol. Put a good coat of your favorite BBQ rub over the entire thing and get to cooking it. I smoked it in my cheap ass $100 Brinkman smoker for about 6 hours to get a good bit of smoke into it, then finished it in the oven at about 250 degrees. Total cooking time was about 16 hours. You want to bring it up to an internal temp of around 195-205 degrees. It's ok to eat at 145 degrees, but rendering all of that fat makes it amazingly tender and juicy & falling apart. You'll be able to pull the bone right out of it with just a gentle tug. Let it rest for a couple hours and pull it apart with your fingers. It fed like 20 people for dirt cheap & everybody loved it & I still had leftovers. Sam's mustard BBQ sauce would go great with it but it's so good any good bbq sauce would work. But definitely don't rush it. It will take a long time to cook low and slow & get it up to that temp, but it's worth every minute. I've done 3 or 4 of them now and it's turned out amazing every time. DON'T RUSH IT!!

  3. Danny Brown says:

    This dude is full of himself huh?? Is a little advice bro of course you think you’re cooking is good give the give the cameraman the guy you’re talking to the first bite to try if you’re that confident. And please don’t ever make that face again while you’re chewing…

  4. The Rockazoid says:

    The comments in this video are ridiculous.

    Just started watching a few weeks ago and the new is the same as the old. It's all great. This video has some awkward shots but all I need is the voice and information. Keep it up, which you did.

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