32 thoughts on “Gordon FURIOUS As Both Teams Send RAW MEAT | Hell's Kitchen

  1. Jason Carnes says:

    3 questions

    1. On these shows does he yell etc. At them for the show or is it genuine.

    2. If u attend a showing I wonder if u get to meet him.

    3. Can't remember the name of the show where he visits other resturants but why is he helping them it's competition

  2. Cynthia Esquibel says:

    I've only seen the small segment videos of this so maybe there's something I'm unaware of, but it really surprises me that Virginia was chosen to be in this competition atall. She seems to be a very clingy, needy type of person and rather clueless on top of that…the type that needs to be taken care of, not the type to be in charge of a kitchen. I guess being out of her element is what has her so 'miscombobulated'…

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