20 thoughts on “Butternut Squash Veloute Soup Recipe – Bruno Albouze – THE REAL DEAL

  1. Harry Otoo says:

    I would soak the skins of the vegetables in a picking liquor, pat them dry and then deep fry them . With the veloute I'll add star anise for a very lovely smell. All the same the presentation looks great.

  2. Colleen Lassie says:

    This is amazing… I see your love in it… and your passion .. the best ingrediants of all to put in any meal.. They have become the soup and as if they are so happy to have become the soup for you.. magical.. Bravo darling .. bravo… Love the stock idea,, just amazing.. you are beautiful ..
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. fordhouse8b says:

    The mesh strainer I use at work is a cheap piece of shit that is ready to fall apart, do you have any recommendation for a replacement? I see links to some of your equipment, but not for the strainer. Oh, and it looks delicious and beautiful, as always.

  4. myonlynick says:

    i think the leaves of the leek will make the stock a bit bitter to what it would be without them. That is my experience so far. Maybe leeks here where i live are not so good ?

  5. Garry Perkins says:

    This is just the way I do it, although I never do acorn (I just like pumpkin or butternut more). Everyone goes nuts over roasting, but boiling works just fine. Unlike many other veggies (peppers, tomatoes,…) with squash it really does not matter.

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