47 thoughts on “Binging with Babish: Steak au Poivre from Archer

  1. Christina Littleton says:

    How has Archer not have his own movie? I mean, it's been almost ten seasons, including the "Coma Dream Seasons" (I'm not sure what category Archer: 1999 falls under…), but I'm sure the fans want to see Archer watch his daughter grow up to be "Dangerzone Diane" or "Ass-kicking AJ".

  2. GWhoves says:

    I like to make Mustard Carrots.
    take 1/3 cup Brown Sugar
    1/4 cup plain yellow mustard
    1/4 cup butter.

    cook into a sauce and pour over some cooked carrots. if you like you can cook them in the sauce.

  3. Steven Bollinger says:

    You can't be a COMPLETELY awful person when you know as much about fine dining as Archer does. It's scientifically impossible. It's physics.

    I do not condone Archer's sexism or selfishness or brutality in any way. His mother is monstrous BUT we all have stuff we need to rise above.

  4. 33Bardo says:

    Love the video but gotta mention that Kenji says letting meat try to reach room temp is a waste of time. After 20 min at room temp the core of a steak won't even raise 2F. 30 min, doubt more than 3-4F.

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