42 thoughts on “Beef and Rice Crock Pot Dog Food Recipe (Cheap and Healthy)

  1. Pam Lambky says:

    Good basic recipe but dogs will need supplements: calcium, fish oil, omega 3 vitamins. You can find all these at Dollar General,, they come in a capsule (dissolves) and just mix them into the food once a day.

  2. Joyce S says:

    Ive repeatedly been told dogs can eat white rice but cant digest the brown rice hull. ???. I use a similar recipe, cook all on stove in one pot. Start cooking the meat with a little water and then dump everything else in . Once rice is cooked after 30 minutes simmering- its done.
    My grandmothers dogs ate table food left overs, no formula, lived between 20-30 years and healthy.

  3. M.J.P says:

    I’m sorry for people being assholes. This is an amazing video I just used it and my pups LOVED IT. My first dab in making my own dog food I feel soo much better doing it and the fact that they lick that bowl clean!! It makes me sad to understand that most dogs just eat dry pellets their WHOLE LIFE where’s the flavor where the love. Ooppps here it is (; thank you love.

  4. Andrew P. says:

    Thanks for taking the time to create this video.I hate not knowing what my dogs are eating.i get a Email a week from Dogfood advisor.com warning of contaminated dog foods,you'd be surprised of the name brand foods that are recalled.

  5. Carol Jenny says:

    It's her nasal voice that makes her incessant talking annoying, but thanks for the recipe. Try talking slower and not nonstop and try paying attention to the tone quality of your voice.

  6. serz laky says:

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  8. Jimmy Johnson says:

    If you want to kill your dog,cook it's food. Dogs are carnivores,meaning raw.Its funny how people think a dog and human has the same digestive system.Also,carbs are bad for dogs.Dogs are not vegetable eaters.Feed your dog vegetables and look at its poop.What do you see in it?The vegetables you just fed it.Meaning,dog's can not digest vegetables.If you are going to cook dog food you might as well buy kibble.Where is the 10% calcium?Your going to mess up the dogs calcium/phosphorus.

  9. Ana Larson says:

    There is some controversy with dogs eating beef, I forget the reason I think it was Dr Dobias who explains it, but like all things diversity, chicken, lamb, turkey, pork, and wild game is a good change especially if one is concerned.

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