13 thoughts on “Banoffee Dessert | Banoffee Cups Recipe with Homemade Caramel | Easy Easter Dessert Recipes

  1. Nida Shaikh says:

    Hi Fatima. All your recipes are AMAZING!
    I'm a Goan living away from home and I crave the mixed bhaaji that is served at Cafe taatos/ bhonsle (suke potato bhaji + paatal bhaji)
    I have been searching for a recipe forever but just can't seem to replicate the taste
    Can u plzzzzz show

  2. Garth says:

    Hello 🙂 love this even though I shouldn't Fatima. The thing I do is just simmer the condensed milk in the can unopened for 45mins-1hr I don't think it needs anymore sugar as it is sweet enough

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