22 thoughts on “Banana and Almond Protein Pancakes Recipe || Tess Ward

  1. Yvette Yasui says:

    I had made some GF banana pancakes I found on pinterest that calls for 1 ripe banana mashed and 2 eggs. combine and fry in pan like pancakes.

    I though I'd adapt the recipe and add almond flour for more protein and texture. To the mashed banana and eggs, I add almond flour, vanilla, sea salt, melted butter or coconut oil. fry in pan, serve with fresh berries and yoghurt or maple syrup. delish!

  2. ClaireBrit123 says:

    Wow these look incredible!! I wonder if you could make the batter the night before or if the banana would go bad? Or even make the pancakes in advance and reheat? Will def be trying!

  3. Lindsay Johnson says:

    Just discovered your channel from Naiomi and I'm in love! More veg/vegan recipes, please! Also, did you ground the almonds yourself via a food processor? I need one… Just looking for another excuse to buy one 😀 lol

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