1. Rae All Day says:

    In the video, you said baking powder but in the description box, it says baking soda for the brownies. Which one is it? I baked them and used baking soda (going off the recipe) but mine don’t look as good as yours😬😬

  2. Robin De Haan says:

    I am trying a week being vegan. If i enjoy it, i will probable stay it. I just have to convincing my parents… And i tride it because you convinced me :). So thank you, btw your videos are so helpfull!!! <3

  3. Lorry says:

    I'm 13, soon 14 and I looooove when I see someone like my years who is vegan(I'm just vegetarian but I know I'll be vegan)❤ Does your family vegans or not?

  4. Amruta Manohar says:

    Best recipes ever !! I tried the peanut butter cookie and they were so good !! Even my non vegan family loved them! Tried the brownies as well and now they are baking. Can't wait to try them !

  5. 10 1 says:

    I made this brownies today and they are really good, although when they are still warm they easily fall apart but it’s my fault. Now when I eat them I don’t feel so guilty, because they have good ingredients.
    Ps I added some dry plums and blueberries!

  6. Rafal 777 says:

    For those wondering if the beans will make the brownie taste bad.They won't. I just took my brownie out of the oven and it tastes 99% like the brownie I remember before vegan. Also I added 2 ripe bananas because I didn't have nut butter(you can switch around the ingredients a bit) and it's still Yum.Don't think twice to make it 8D

    edit: after cooling it down over night it's even better!! 😹

  7. Rafal 777 says:

    Good timing 😀 I was still looking for a good healthy brownie recipe for my birthday party tomorrow and I know now which one I'll be making ^^ btw that ice cream looks 👌 too ,will try it out as well.Great vid as always

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