1. cookiesn biscuits says:

    2 ingredient snack for lazy pple like me: if you have a soft tofu block in your refrigerator and some maple syrup, that's all you need for a natural version i guess of caramel pudding. tastes amazing.

  2. Astrid Jane says:

    Idk if this is pointless to say, and this isn’t to sound petty, but thanks sooo much for not using cheesy upbeat music on the background. That can make videos irritating to watch, especially when the theme is thanksgiving which you portray very well with your choice of music in this video👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 (you’re like the only vegan thanksgiving dessert I’ve looked up who has hit the background music on the button).

  3. Katrin VO says:

    i am fed up with the fact that EVERY vegan blabla about thrive market recently. Firstly, seems like everyone is sponsored and secondly, its just unuseful.info for all these out-US viewers. I am stop to listen these who are hired and talk. Know you need money, but this is so boring and start to be disgusting.Sorry.

  4. Mary's Test Kitchen says:

    That cheesecake looks epic, Rose <3
    I'm more likely to make the pumpkin mug muffin though. I love how you can go from zero to dessert in two minutes 😀

    P.S. Jenny has the BEST roommate!!

  5. Leander T says:

    Weird, thought Simply Quinoa wasn't actually vegan. Like, did she go totally vegan and I wasn't paying attention? Lol. Probably. Anyways, great recipes in this video CLV! 🙂

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